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for restaurants

Encouraging patrons to bring their own takeout containers for leftovers not only helps the environment, but it creates positive feelings that will build customer loyalty. Diners feel good about doing something to help the planet and proud about patronizing an ecologically proactive restaurant.

Participating in this initiative requires very little work on your part and can save time and money. Think of the to-go containers you purchase every year, and the time it takes a server to pack leftover food in the kitchen and then bring it back to the table.  With our plan, customers pack their own food.

The first step is to get customers to stop relying on you to provide to-go containers. Here are ways to inform your diners about this movement:

  • inserting text at the bottom of your menus, on your website, and on signs in rest rooms and entryway.  This is content for a wall sign; some or all of this message can be used on the menu as well.

We support the BYOtogo initiative!

We invite you to bring your own reusable to-go containers and pack your own leftovers at the table. Let’s join together to reduce pollution and garbage and help our planet.

  • Link our website to your website and social media accounts.
  • List your restaurant on our PARTNERS page on our website.
  • We are printing bill wallet cards with the same text which we can provide to you.
  • We are creating signs we can provide to you or you can print your own.
  • Verbal reminders from waitstaff.

Eventually, the BYOtogo organization will manufacture our own sustainable, reusable containers that you can offer for sale to your customers.