What is Eco-Anxiety?

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Eco-anxiety is the relationship between humans and the changing climate. Eco-anxiety has increased for many individuals. However, we can combat it today!

Eco-Anxiety and Fear

Eco-anxiety is a newer phenomenon that is connected to our fears of ecological disaster and human-induced climate change. Anxiety, stress, depression, and fear come from the limited amount of time we have to reverse harmful actions to our planet.

Eco-Anxiety Has Increased in the Last Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused stress and uncertainty. In addition, numerous natural disasters have occurred around the world (wildfires in Australia and California, to Texas freezing over). People have been left feeling hopeless and helpless about the condition of our planet.

Leaf Burning representing how people are dealing with their eco-anxiety during these crazy times

For example, heatwaves, wildfires, and extreme flooding have altered our climate. Luckily, we can all do something about climate change and eco-anxiety!

What You Can Do

You can become more involved in climate issues in your community because climate change doesn’t just affect individuals it affects us all whether we realize it or not. You can change your lifestyle to a more sustainable one. Reducing emissions and becoming involved in environmental activism can lift forms of eco-anxiety in your life. You can do your best to not surround yourself with doom and gloom forms of media that heighten anxiety.

You can help combat eco-anxiety by:

  • Biking or Walking
  • Using Public Transportation
  • Visiting Green Areas (parks, fields, trails)
  • Learning How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Educating Yourself on Climate Change (check out our blog on climate change to learn more)

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Key Takeaways:

  • Eco-anxiety is the Relationship Between Humans and the Changing Climate
  • Anxiety Caused by Natural Threats is Normal and You are NOT Alone In Your Feelings/Fears
  • You Can Avoid Negative Environmental Media
  • Calculating Your Carbon Footprint Helps You Realize Your Impact
  • You Can Choose to Commute by Walking or Biking

Pledge to bring your own reusable container to pack leftovers and start making a difference today! 

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Written by Daniel Macura